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Dec 30, 2012 1:00pm EST
stuck, so senator inhofe and i and senator reid went over to meet with john boehner and chairman mica and we all agreed we'd get it done. neither side got everything they want and anyone who takes that position in my opinion is not putting country first. i don't care whether they are republican, a democrat, or anything else. we are not each of us going to get everything we want. lord knows. there's a lot i could do if i had a wand and could make it happen. but everybody has a different view of exactly how to go forward and i think we're being tested here. so i know it's tough going, and i know if we don't get a deal, it doesn't stop there, we'll keep on working. but there is no reason on this beautiful god's green earth why we can't get a deal here. if everyone is sincere in saying they want the middle class could be protected, we can get a deal here. president obama says $250,000 is the line, maybe i think $350,000 is the line, maybe someone else $500,000, maybe somebody else $150,000. we can meet somewhere and cut that reason somewhere in the middle. and save this country from the u
Dec 30, 2012 6:00pm EST
and democrats, including president obama and speaker boehner. all i've done is pull them together to offer them has a compassionate alternative to what happens if we go over the fiscal cliff. true, from the very beginning i have favored a comprehensive solution to put our fiscal house in orderings something along the lines of the simpson-bowles. we don't have that luxury right now. but perhaps it will only soften the blow of the fiscal cliff but also give us a sense of urgency about a grand bargain to repair our financial house. i am not so naive as to believe everybody is going to check their politics at the door, even at this late hour, but this is not a time for politicking, bickering or partisan games. to allow the country to plunge over the fiscal cliff without any alternative plans to soften the landing is completely unacceptable. i can't think of anything more irresponsible than to let this great country go over the fiscal cliff, to play games with the lives of americans in such a callous way, to jeopardize the financial standing of our country and to alarm our financial narcotics ways t
Jan 1, 2013 3:00pm EST
to speaker boehner, chairman mica and say, okay, let's get it done. and so it did. so it can get done. but we are where we are where we are. and this morning we had a choi choice, and, frankly, i was proud to see the overwhelming vote that we had. it was really amazing. 89-8. and i think -- i don't know what motivates every colleague. i only know what motivated me to feel that this was an important "aye" vote for me to cast. i will never forget this recession that we are just coming out of now, the worst recession since the great depression. a treasury secretary, hank paulson, who put his head in his hands and was overwhelmed with what he actually called the collapse -- the potential collapse of capitalism. that's what we faced. we have short memories here. because our life is so filled with fast-moving events every day, some of them wonderful, some of them awful, some of them lifting up our hearts, some of them breaking our hearts, so we don't remember the things that happened a couple of years ago. when president obama took over after a very lifeless economy, as my friend, senator brown sai
Jan 1, 2013 10:00pm EST
that with boehner and it blew up in his face. hillary clinton would have handled that differently, i think. >> him and susan mac doug l, james carville, yes. >> and what lead to the suicide of vitamin sent foster? >> how much time do we have? [laughter] jim is a period person. he has a lot of psychology abnormalities. and he is very manipulative and, you know, when he proposed the white water deal, bill was not interested at all. but hillary thought it was a great idea. it was basically her decision. jim is kind of sick. susan, his wife was aned incredibly suffering person who never betrayed her confidence in and trust in the clintons. and she was treated scandalously by ken knit star who had her e man kled and put her in solitary confinement. -horrible the way she he treated her. james anyone who can understand and talk about him was probably one win and cad me award. i'm not that person. -- [inaudible] i'm sorry nap is the most tragic event one can conceive of. foster and west and hillary clinton were best friends. they had lunch every day. west and convinced protected her with the law firm, was
Dec 31, 2012 10:45am EST
,speaker, boehner, who i d like, but i doesn't want to talk to the democrats. nothing is going to get done if we don't talk to each other. we don't have a parliamentary system. we have to work together. so with that, i wanted to add at least a cautiously optimistic note that i am a hopeful -- that i'm hopeful that we will get something done. and i think if we do and if it's fair -- fair enough, we should get our country off this cliff. thank you very much. i yield the floor. mr. leahy: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from vermont. mr. leahy: mr. president, one of the managers of, i guess, of being president pro tempore, i get to preside more than i had for a while and hear some of the speeches of my colleagues, which i appreciate. the senate is a place i love, as i know the distinguished presiding officer does, and it is, as i've often said, a place that should be the conscience of the nation. there's only a hundred of us representing over 300 million americans. we should be able to stand up and be the conscience. i worry, though, as i hear the debate on this so-called fiscal cliff
Dec 31, 2012 7:00pm EST
boehner, on the suspension calendar in the house by the rules committee in the house, agreed to on the calendar in the house, we would shave a portion of those subsidies to make sure that we continue to fund all of the farm bill for the next nine months until we can once again come together and write a farm bill. but i have to say as somebody who's been operating in good faith with the committee and the floor to find this situation occurring that is not agreed to on a bipartisan basis, not put forward on a bipartisan basis, i find it to be absolutely outrageous. and it makes you wonder what's really going on here. if in the end the things we agreed to, the things that we worked hard to develop into a farm bill that saves $24 billion at a time when we are right now, people are sitting in rooms trying to decide how to get deficit reduction. and we pass something that saves $24 billion in a fiscally responsible way, cutting programs. we cut 100 different programs and authorizations. we went through every single page of the farm bill, which is what we ought to be doing in every p
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6